Black Arts Retreat 2018 Registration
Activate the RadiKal L O V E in you!
Friday Nov 16 - Sunday Nov 18 2018

Our 6th Annual Retreat will be held at Murray Grove Retreat & Renewal Center in Southern New Jersey

BAR Northeast Features: Yoga * Hiking * Jam Sessions * On-Site Counseling * Meditation * Movement Building * Arts Market * Yummy Vegetarian Cuisine * Honoring Haiti * Participant Led Sessions!

Participant Led Sessions: For the first time, BAR Alum will be able to lead/ co-facilitate/ hold space for any workshop or topic of their choosing at Black Arts Retreat Northeast!

Black Arts Retreat Northeast 2018 Registration is now Pay What You Can! Registration is only offered to Black Arts Retreat Alumni and their guests. Only one new Retreater per Alumni please. First come, first served.

In order to accommodate the Pay What You Can policy, we ask that all participants to contribute to the BAR Menu & Supplies for the weekend. Details will be confirmed closer to the retreat date. Our base cost per retreater is approximately $200, so if you can meet or exceed this cost, then please do! If not, give what feels good to you!

Complete this form and submit your donation to via PayPal. Please write your FULL NAME or the name of the person you are donating for and "BAR Northeast" in the PayPal notes.

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Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation. If you can drive, please do and take others with you. We will support organizing a ride-share system. There is public transportation to the Lanoka Harbor Area via NJ Transit. Please indicate your transportation status in form below. Regarding Lodging, rooms are double occupancy; you can write preferences for lodging in the form below.

Thank You! We look forward to seeing you soon!
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Terms and Agreements: I agree to respect and honor myself all the participants of this trip. I will not engage in any behaviors deemed uncomfortable or unsafe by the Black Arts Retreat community. I am aware that I am fully responsible for my own safety and am expected to contribute to the safety of other Retreat participants. I take full responsibility for my emotional, psychological and physical well-being throughout this Retreat Experience. I will follow the rules of the Murray Grove Center and honor the agreements of the Black Arts Retreat community. I understand that if I do not adhere to these agreements that I may be asked to leave immediately and forfeit any payments made towards the Black Arts Retreat Experience. I understand that I am responsible for any damages, personal harm, or injury incurred during the time of the Retreat. I recognize that organizers of the Black Arts Retreat and their affiliates are not responsible for any damages incurred. *
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