VR First Application Form

Deadline: 12th July 2016 - 17:00

1) The following form should be completed in English.

2) If you have any proof of concept to support your application (such as a prototype, video, concept art, design documents) please provide links in the last section.

3) All project team members will need to be members of VR First BAU. If you are not a member, please apply for membership first.

4) Successful applications will be short listed to present their idea to the VR First BAU Committee.

5) Any questions please contact info@vr1.bau.edu.tr

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Project/Team Portfolio or Showreel Video Link:
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VR First Project Idea:
Please outline the project you are proposing for your VR First application.
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How long have you been working on this project?
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Why do you think you will succeed?
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Why should VR First BAU believe in you & your project?
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Previous Projects / Experience:
What previous projects or experience do you or your team have (especially in VR)?
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Platform :
In which platforms do you want to work on?
Which engine(s) do you have experience with?
What is your experience with CRYENGINE?
We even accept applications with no Cryengine experience.
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Project / Team Members :
Please list all the members on this project team. Please note ALL individuals will need to be members of VR First BAU.
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Supporting Documents :
Please provide links to any supporting documentation (such as prototype, video, project and portfolio documents).
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Additional Notes:
Please provide details that might be useful for the evaluation process.
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