The Youth Business Challenge is developed by AgriProFocus and the Ethio-Netherlands Trade for Agricultural Growth (ENTAG) in support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Ethiopia. The Youth Business Challenge seeks to bridge the gap between university graduates and agri-food industries in Ethiopia.

With a focus on circular economy, the Youth Business Challenge connects Dutch and local agribusinesses in Ethiopia with an agrofood waste product with teams of interdisciplinary fresh-graduates (20-35 years old) ready to help these businesses find a profitable way to re-use their waste.

Kindly provide clear and detailed answers to the questions below in order to complete your team application for the Youth Business Challenge. Make sure you form a team and apply together! The application deadline is: 20 October 2018.

1. Upload a PDF document of max. 2 pages which describes your team (includes: The title of your team, name, age and contact details of each of your team members, educational backgrounds, work experience and a picture of your team). *
2. Do all your team members know each other? If yes, how do you know each other? If no, how did you come together? *
3. Does any of your team members have knowledge or work experience related to agricultural waste issues? *
4. Why are you interested to become a team and work on this youth business challenge? *
5. What strengths do you have within your team? (Name at least 5 strengths within your team – e.g. expertise, language) *
6. What weaknesses do you have within your team? (Name at least 5 weaknesses within your team – e.g. expertise, language) *
7. How diverse is your team? (Define diversity in your own terms e.g. gender, religion or another social parameter.) How does diversity make your team stronger? *
8. Which case would you prefer to work on as a team? (Please choose at least two of your preferred options) *
9. What would be your initial idea of solving these business cases? (Come up with an initial solution for one of your preferred business cases)
10. What does problem solving mean to you? *
11. Does your team have capacity to assess the business feasibility of an innovative idea? *
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