Building Strong Leaders
5 Critical Questions For Every Leader

Depending on when you take this survey you may be on the mountain top of perspective or navigating the valley. Whatever the opportunities or challenges of the day take a moment to relax and reflect. The questions below are not right or wrong simply an honest assessment of your thoughts today. It's baseline to benchmark your growth moving forward.

Take as much or little time to answer these leadership questions. Enjoy!

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1. Clarity of Vision - Sense of where I'm heading & the story I hope to tell in the next 1-3 years *
Unclear Vision
Clear Vision
1*. Vision/ Dream - Where are you going? Describe where you'd like to be 1-3 years from now. Personally and Professionally
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2. Clarity of Values - Sense of my significance & what really matters most *
Unclear Values
Clear Values
2*. Describe using some key words or phrases your core values.
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3. Sense of Internal Vitality - Your well-being mind, body, & spirit *
I feel weak & struggling with minimal energy
I feel strong & healthy with lots of energy
3*. Vitality - What's critical to your health/self-care? 
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4. Managing External Stress - work load, financial, relational that directly impacts you *
I feel stress-out & struggling to managing it all
I feel at peace even though I have some challenges I'm managing
4*. Vulnerability - What help do you need to Succeed? Personally and/or Professionally
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5. Defining a Sense of Your Success *
I'm short of my expectations and struggling with my setbacks
I'm celebrating my results (i.e goals) with a sense of accomplishment
5*. Victory - How would define success for your life today?
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Any additional comments prompted by the questions...
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