Application for #Mentor4WBL@EU e-Course & e-Certification candidates
#Mentor4WBL@EU consortium ( is running a 2-year Erasmus+ Project, for developing a Competence Certification Scheme & an e-Course for in-company WBL mentors for apprenticeships and internships in EU.
In this context, the #Mentor4WBL@EU consortium is pleased to invite you to participate in the pilot implementations of the #Mentor4WBL@EU e-Course and/or e-Certification platform as a candidate for the testing of the examination process of the e-Certification and/or the learning process of the e-Course.

Our invitation is for both experienced and inexperienced in in-company WBL mentorship and/or mentorship in any context wishing to participate as e-learners and/or testers and meet certain pre-requisites. The candidates/mentors will be allocated in two groups:
1. candidates who have attended the preliminary training of the #Mentor4WBL@EU e-Course
2. candidates without having attended the preliminary training of the #Mentor4WBL@EU e-Course

The e-Course and the e-Certification pilot test will be in English.
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I am a vocational school or higher education graduate *
The educational level of my qualifications relate to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) level ≥ 4 (Check how your National Qualification Framework relates to others in EU here: *
My educational level is higher or equals my future mentee's educational level after finishing the mentored WBL period *
My overall professional expereniece in the sector I will be mentoring is ≥ 3 years *
My professional experience within WBL context as a WBL mentor is ≥ 1 year *
My professsional experience within the mentoring sector is ≥ 1 year *
I have attended a pedagogical course of ≥ 5 days *
I have a pedagogical experience *
I have WBL mentoring experience within the last 2 years with ≥ 4 mentees *
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