Strathclyde Sirens Athlete Coaching Requests

As a National Franchise competing in the Vitality Netball Superleague, our goal is to be at the heart of the communities that we represent across Scotland. Through our sport, we aim to help educate, motivate, empower and inspire people of all ages and background. We are aiming to work with more clubs, schools and local communities to inspire the next generation of Strathclyde Sirens, but to also drive real meaningful change for women in sport.

Please complete the Coaching Request form below to have a Strathclyde Sirens athlete attend your event or coaching session. Should you have any questions please email or call 0141 428 3460.

Terms and Conditions:
- This form must be completed a minimum of 4 weeks prior to an event
- The Strathclyde Sirens coaching fee for Cathrine Tuivaiti is £100 per hour (+VAT), for Gia Abernethy is £75 per hour (+VAT), and for all other players is £60 per hour per player (+VAT)
- These fees are exclusive of travel and food expenses (25p per car per mile/public transport fare, £5 pound for lunch if this event runs for a full day).
- Strathclyde Sirens follow 1 coach to 10 children ratio, so it is advised that any sessions that consist of more then 10 people will be supported by another member of staff
- We will endeavor to fulfill all player requests, however please be understanding that players are full time workers/athletes/university students and have an intense training load
- Eligible for affiliated Netball Scotland schools and clubs only

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