NSITEN Membership Form (2019-2020)
The following form is part of a membership drive for the 2019-2020 fiscal year for the Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Enterprise Network. It is necessary for us to ask the following questions so that we will have a better idea of how we can help to support your business, organization or association as we venture forward in growing Indigenous tourism in Nova Scotia in the coming years. We hope you will take the time to fill these questions out and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email at: nsiten.info@gmail.com or go to our website at www.nsiten.com. Wela'liek!
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What type of business/company are you/your organization registered as under the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks?
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Is your business currently operational for the 2019-2020 tourism season?
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Are you knowledgeable about the national body for Indigenous tourism (ITAC)? If so, explain how and if not would you like to learn more?
Have you heard about the efforts of the Provincial organization for Indigenous tourism NSITEN before? If yes please share what you know and if not would you like to learn more?
What type of business do you currently operate? *
What type of services/products do you provide? *
Do you sell Indigenous themed products/services as part of your business? *
Are you knowledgeable about cultural authenticity standards and do you follow these as part of your business offerings? *
Would you benefit from training programs that would help your business to be more market ready each year?
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What are the biggest challenges to keeping your business in operation each year or as a start up?
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Would you benefit from being part of a Province wide Indigenous Tourism organization that would work to promote your business, provide training and share updates and networking opportunities in the tourism industry? If yes, please explain how?
Would you think it beneficial for the NSITEN organization to support the growth of artists, artisans and crafters in a Province wide cooperative as part of it's services? If yes, please explain why?
Do you feel you could be better supported as an Indigenous business owner, artist/artisan/crafter to help make your business more successful? If yes, please explain why?
Did you participate in the 2018 Nova Scotia Indigenous Tourism Summit in Halifax, N.S.? Please choose from one of the following... *
Would you be willing to volunteer on the board of directors for NSITEN at the next AGA elections?
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Would you attend regional or provincial meetings and information sessions for NSITEN if it meant that you would benefit as a member?
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If joining as a member would you prefer your contact information to be;
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We thank you for your time and we look forward to sharing our next updated with you in the next short while. Once we complete our database we will advise all members of our next information sessions at a location close to you! Wela'liek!
For more information, please visit our website at www.nsiten.com
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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