Hurricane Survey
Hurricane season is upon us, and we all need to be vigilant in making sure we are prepared if a storm finds its way to our area.
Preparedness begins at home. Please take the time to ensure that you and your family have what you might need in the case of a storm.
We also want to ensure the safety of all of our members. The survey on this sheet is an effort to gather necessary information to ensure the safety of all our members and to provide support where necessary. Please fill it out.

We will all pray that the Lord will keep us and everyone else safe and secure this hurricane season. A way in which we can achieve that goal is by being thoroughly prepared. Do your part to stay safe!

Head of Household
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Household members
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Primary contact phone for family in emergency
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Do you live in a mobile/manufactured home?
Do you have a place to evacuate to?
Evacuation address & Phone
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Do you have specific medical or other needs that would affect where you are evacuated to? If yes, explain.
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Would you be able to provide a ride to someone in case of evacuation? If yes, how many?
Would you be able to provide shelter to someone during an evacuation? If yes, how many?
Would you be able to help in relief efforts (must be physically capable of strenuous labor)?
Special skills/ tools available
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