Formatting and Cover Designs by Amanda Tero
I have several summer openings for book interior formatting and cover designs, but I can only accept commissions until August 5, 2019.

I enjoy working with authors to capture their mental image in design. I offer 3-5 consultations and will send you a sample cover before you are required to pay me.

$75 per simple eBook cover (1-2 images, front only)
$100 per simple paperback cover (1-2 images, front, spine, back) plus $5 to convert into eBook.
More complex designs must be discussed and we'll settle on a price (usually between $120-150).

(Note: I can do more than just book covers; just let me know the project and I'll work with you)

I like to make the inside of your book look pristine and professional. If you want special chapter headings or other graphics, no problem!

$.0012/word (minimum $40)

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