The Other Blog Staff Writers Application Fall 2016

The Other ( is a blog focused on identity based at Duke University. We aim to discuss any aspect of our identity such as gender, ethnicity, race, sexuality, religion and class, from a personal or social perspective. We aim to explore the intersection of identity and issues of self-discovery, social justice and ethics.

The Other values the following principles:

• Encourage honest self-expression without fear of stigma by maintaining a safe space that guarantees anonymity if requested.
• Publish quality writing that demonstrates critical reflection, insight and eloquence.
• Work toward the mission of bringing together diverse perspectives and facilitating dialogue between identities.

Staff writers are responsible for writing regular blog posts on any topic of any genre or style pertaining to identity and/or social justice. Staff writers are expected to write 1 post per month following an assigned schedule and attend discussion/editing meetings once every two weeks. Submitted drafts will be reviewed and edited by other staff writers and the Editor-in-Chief. Alternatively, staff writers also have the option of interviewing prominent Duke scholars, campus activists and other brilliant minds involved in social justice work to bring light on campus happenings. Staff writers are eligible to apply to be executive board members who are in charge of organizing events and programs such as panel discussion and Multimedia Essay Competition (

Benefits of becoming a staff writer:
• Gain writing & editing experience
• Publish original work
• Join a community of passionate thinkers, writers and activists
• Eligible to apply for executive board positions and lead efforts to advance diversity and dialogue at Duke and beyond
• Make an impact on a new and growing student publication and organization

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

Please refer to our website for more information. Email for questions.

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