NZ Spring Equinox Sun Survey
Does the sun appear higher or lower in the sky depending on where you are?

Measure the sun angle using your DIY inclinometer where you are in New Zealand/Aotearoa and share it using this Form.

If we get enough people participating we can then see the sun's pattern at different places and times throughout NZ.

The results will all be shared with you so that you can create an innovative INFOGRAPHIC and enter it in our Schoolgen COMPETITION to win a solar oven cooking kit!

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What is you latitude, longitude?
Find where you are on Google Maps. Right click: 'What's here?' Click on the pair of numbers. Copy and paste these below.
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Enter your sun angle *
At any time you can when the sun is shining, take 5 angle measurements, record them in a table. If any numbers seem unreliable (not accurate) ignore them in the next step. Take an AVERAGE of the most reliable measurements. Report your AVERAGE angle below. Remember it is the difference between your reading and 90 degrees (as we are measuring the angle above the horizon). TIP- Take care that the protractor doesn't affect the string line as it needs to hang straight down without interference.
Note- Perfect circle of light inside center of circular straw shadow
Note- Perfect circle of light inside center of circular straw shadow
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What TIME did you measure the sun angle? *
Make sure you enter the time that you actually measured the sun angle. The highest sun angle will be at solar noon - around 12:30 PM NZ Time, but you can enter the sun angle for any time or times you like. Later we will be able to see if the sun angle is different in different locations across New Zealand and how the sun angle changes through the day.
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All the form entries are saved into a Google Sheet- if you want access to this to analyse the data on sun angles, time and and location.
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Any general comments or ideas to improve this activity next time are welcome! Thanks.
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