High School 2020 Summer Athletics Sessions & Transportation
Before you register for Summer Success classes, we need to know if your student will need Transportation Services for Summer School. After you complete this form you'll be taken to the class registration site. All students must complete the first four fields so we have record of whether the student does or does not need Transportation Services. The address portion is only required if your student does need transportation.
Transportation for High School Athletic Sessions
Transportation for High School Summer Athletic Sessions may be provided for those students who qualify- meaning those receiving transportation during normal school year or are assigned a school outside their home attendance area and register for transportation services by May 15th. Please be aware there is no transportation home after the 1st summer or academic session. Students are expected to leave the campus immediately or be picked up. There is a shuttle from William Chrisman and Van Horn to Truman who are taking a second session summer school class.
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Bussing Address
High School Summer Success buses are optional and ridership is not required. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education does not reimburse the District for the cost of the buses.

Routes and drop off locations are typically located at Elementary School locations and a few other general settings throughout the district. This is done to allow the bus to follow the most direct path with as few drop off locations, as possible. By setting the Bus pick-up/drop off locations up in this fashion the district can afford to provide this service free of charge.

The expectation is for parents signing up their student to ride transportation is for them to escort or arrange a way for their child to get to and from the drop off location. As in years past, parents may drop off/pick-up their student at school.

After 3 days of not riding, students will be removed from ridership roster and will need to re-register for Transportation. This may take 3-5 days to process.
Please enter the address that you would like Transportation to use to establish your child’s pick-up & drop off location for High School Summer Success

You only need to complete this section if your student needs transportation to High School Athletic Sessions.
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Students will come dressed in appropriate clothing (shorts/sweats and a t-shirt and tennis shoes each day.)
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