The State of Tech 2012 - 2013 Show Topics Questionaire

At "The State of Tech" podcast ( we want to cover topics that most interest educators. Please take a moment to rank the following episode ideas, and to share your own suggestions for the show.
    Saving money and resources with technology
    Best examples of technology used in specific subjects
    Assistive technology
    Social media in schools
    Building your own personal learning network
    Distance learning
    Student video
    Using technology for formative assessment
    Using video games to teach and learn
    Common Core Standards
    Improving communication among teacher/student/school/parents/community
    Tech predictions for 2013
    Gamification in the classroom
    Managing Google Apps domain
    Best web applications
    Browser shootout
    Creating a school culture for professional development
    Google Apps Marketplace
    Best educational gadgets of 2012
    Moving to the cloud
    School district spotlight - Highlight different districts across Ohio in certain episodes and share how they use technology
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