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This is a place where you can register your work in progress. By doing so, you can find collaborators and ask for assistance or encouragement.
If you haven't started a story or you don't know what you can do, you can consult Basics of Interactive Storymaking:
Or you can become a collaborator instead:
Collaborators can offer specific skills, such as drawing, writing, puzzle-making or proofreading, to other storymakers.
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How is your story going to be interactive?
Please write everything you plan on doing (for example, multiple endings). You can be as detailed as you'd like. This is meant to be a plan of everything you are hoping to accomplish, even if it may not be realistic. You can find ideas on how to make your story interactive in the document "Basics of Interactive Storytelling".
What is your current progress?
Please write down all that you have already done and what is left to do.
Are you looking for collaborators?
A call will be made to other guildmembers is you select any of the 'yes'
Would you like help for your story? *
The Guildmaster will assist every storymaker to the best of their ability. This means help storyboarding, proofing and general support. If you'd rather not be offered help, please select no. If you would like some help, select yes and you will be contacted soon through the contact you've provided.
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