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(If you want to participate in more than one sport per season, approval from both head coaches is required. See Debi Bear in bookkeeping for the permission form.)
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I understand that the Sherwood Board of Education carries no athletic insurance and does not assume responsibility for injuries sustained in practice and games. Medical insurance is required by the Sherwood School District when participating in high school sponsored sports and is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian to obtain for their athlete; proof of insurance is required when requested.

Information is available at the high school if you are interested in purchasing student accident and sickness coverage.
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Sherwood High School is committed to promoting and directing interscholastic athletics in such a manner as to further the aims of general education, promote relations with other schools, encourage participation by students and teach good sportsmanship and fair play. Your son/daughter has expressed a desire to become a member of a Sherwood high School athletic/activities team. The athletic staff and administration of the high school feel there is certain information concerning such membership. This and other information can be found in the Bowmen Athletic Handbook and is not limited to:

1. Each student will be held monetarily accountable for school uniforms/equipment issued to him/her as part of his/her participation.

2. The school district makes available to the parents an insurance plan for grades 9-12. Each participant must either purchase this plan or show evidence that he/she is effectively covered by some other form of accident insurance. School insurance does not apply to Pop Warner football, SYA, or other community programs unless insurance is purchased as a full plan.

3. It is understood that Sherwood School District is not liable for any medical, dental, or hospital bills occurring as a result of athletic injuries incurred by a student while participating in a supervised sport and that such bills, in excess of insurance benefits, shall be the responsibility of the student’s parents or guardians.

4. All squad members are expected to conform to the rules of scholastic eligibility, participation, and training as prescribed by the Oregon School Activities Association, School District 88J and the athletic coaching staff and is not limited to:

* Eligibility for the beginning of sports season is based on the GPA of the previous trimester (fall eligibility is based upon the previous spring's trimester).

* If a student/athlete is under a 2.0 GPA at the beginning of a trimester, they will be ineligible to compete in games and contests for two weeks. At the end of that 2-week period, the student/athlete must have a 2.0 GPA to be eligible. See the Athletic Handbook for eligibility requirements if the student/athlete does not meet the 2.0 GPA.

* Student/athletes need to be passing all classes at progress report time. See the Athletic Handbook for eligibility requirements if a student/athlete is not passing all classes.

* Student/Athletes must be current and passing on their Career Credit to be eligible to compete.

* Coaches will not be required to restore playing time to any athlete who has been out with eligibility problems.

5. A participant must be in school the entire school day in order to be eligible to participate in that day's practice or game. The only exception is for professional or medical appointments, verified by the SHS attendance office. Proof of the appointment is required.

6. If an athlete has an unexcused absence, they will not be able to practice or participate in contests during that day. If there is not a contest on the day of infraction, the student-athlete will need to miss the contest on the next available day.

7. Leaving campus without authorization anytime during the school day is also considered an unexcused absence (class cut).

Link to the Athletic Handbook:
Athletic Guidelines Verification *
Participation fee is $250 per sport and $175 per activity (cheer and dance). There is an individual cap of $600 and a family cap of $1250 per year. Fees are due prior to the first competition.

To pay for athletic fees, log into your ParentVue account or pay directly at the high school bookkeeping office; three month payment contracts are also available. Please call Debi Bear at 503.825.5513 with payment questions.

Participation fees may be reduced by half if approved for the free/reduced lunch program. This form must be filled out every year, prior to the sport season, to qualify.

Link to apply online:

Link to the printable free/reduced lunch application in English:

Link to the printable free/reduced lunch application in Spanish:

THE PERMISSION TO SHARE INFORMATION FORM (for those that have been approved for the free/reduced lunch program) MUST ALSO BE SIGNED. This form gives the state permission to release your approved status to the high school.

Link to the Permission to Share Information form in English:

Link to the Permission to Share Information form in Spanish:
Participation Fee Verification *
Limited scholarships are offered to families that qualify for the free/reduced lunch program.
Comprehensive physical exams are required for all first time participants and every two years there after, for example as 9th graders and as 11th graders. Successful results of the physical examination are required for participation. These physicals are the responsibility of the family and the family physician. Physicals must be completed on the Official OSAA Physical Form. On years when physicals are not required, an athlete may continue his/her participation by the signature of the parent.

Link to Physical Examination Form in English:
Link to Physical Examination Form in Spanish:

Once the athlete has completed a cleared physical, it must be submitted to the athletic office prior to tryouts or participation in the sport. If the athlete has NOT completed a physical(on the Official OSAA form), they CANNOT participate in tryouts until the physical is completed, cleared, and submitted to the athletic office.
Physical Exam Verification *
I give my permission for my son/daughter to participate in the Sherwood School District athletic program, realizing that such activity involves the potential for injury, which is inherent in all sports. I acknowledge that even with the best coaching, use of the most protective equipment, and strict observance of rules, injuries are still a possibility. On rare occasions these injuries can be so severe as to result in total disability, paralysis, or even death. I further recognize that medical treatment on an emergency basis may be necessary at a time when I am not available to give my consent in advance of such emergency care, and I give permission to the high school to authorize such care as may deemed necessary under existing circumstances. Consent is also given for an emergency referral to an appropriate physician if, in the opinion of the ATC, treatment or further evaluation is deemed necessary.

I hereby request that records for my son/daughter of any diagnosis, diagnostic testing, and/or treatment be released to the Sherwood High School Athletic Trainer, team/personal physician, head coach of his/her sport, and/or its insurance carrier, in order for them to be better informed of his/her medical condition and capabilities while participating in athletics for Sherwood High School. I understand that the disclosure of protected health information will only be used for the purpose of providing treatment or to conduct healthcare operations of either Sherwood High School or Providence Newberg Medical Center. I understand that a condition of treatment is my consent to the release of my son/daughter’s records, as evidenced by my signature of this document. A photo static copy of this authorization shall be considered as effective and valid as the original. I hereby attest that I have read the release above and know that the privacy practice literature is available in the main office. I further confirm that I have had the opportunity to ask questions and that all of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. Having understood all of the information, I freely sign this agreement. I acknowledge that I have read and understand this warning and other information contained in the Bowmen Athletic Handbook and have provided adequate information concerning insurance.

Link to the Athletic Handbook:

Link to OSAA Concussion-Return to Learn Medical Release Form:

Link to OSAA Concussion-Return to Participation Medical Release Form:

Link to OSAA Concussion-Private School Informed Consent Form:
Medical Release Verification *
During the course of the school year, your child may be involved in various activities sponsored by the Sherwood School District #88J. The District has elected to establish guidelines relating to transportation of students for these events. There will be some activities that the District will not be providing transportation to and from the event. For those events/activities, your child will be responsible for their own transportation. This form is intended to advise parents and guardians of these circumstances and to have the parents/guardians release the District from all liabilities arising out of students transporting themselves in privately owned vehicles.

I acknowledge that I have reviewed the following procedures:

1. There may be times/occurrences in which my child will be transported in a privately owned vehicle.

2. There may be times/occurrences in which my child will be transported in a vehicle driven by another adult or student.

3. If a family or the child’s personal vehicle is used in transporting a student, I affirm that I or my child has statutory liability insurance, including uninsured and under insured motorist coverage.

4. I stipulate, if I am involved in driving my own vehicle or my child/guardian is involved in driving a personally owned vehicle, which the driver will adhere to all traffic ordinances and laws, including possessing a valid driver’s license at all times.

5. I further agree to release from liability and to indemnify and hold harmless the school district, sponsors, employees, school board members, volunteers, and agents from any and all claims and liabilities (including costs and attorney fees) arising out of or in any way connected to the transportation of my child in personally owned vehicles either owned by me or any other party. This Release and Indemnity Agreement includes claims based upon negligence.

6. I understand that I am responsible for damage to any family vehicle.

7. I further affirm that I have carefully read and understand this agreement and all of its terms. I understand that it is an AGREEMENT TO RELEASE AND INDEMNIFY which will prevent parents or guardians of my child or my child from recovering damages in any event or injury or death. I, nevertheless, enter into this Agreement freely and voluntarily and agree that it will be binding upon me, my heirs, assigns, and my legal representative.
Transportation *
By signing up for participation with athletics at Sherwood High School, you hereby agree to allow coaches, assigned Athletic Trainers, team physicians and administrators to report injuries and provide appropriate medical intervention and recommendations.

Assigned Athletic Trainers use the Healthy Roster software platform for reporting injuries. All emergency contacts (parent/guardians) for students that participate in athletics will receive an email invite to sign up for a free Healthy Roster account, which will notify them of any reported injuries for their athlete. It also gives them the ability to reach out to the school's assigned Athletic Trainer for sports health/injury questions.
Healthy Roster Software *
These additional forms may be required by the district if your student is a transfer from another district, is being home schooled, is attending a private school but lives in the Sherwood School District, or is a foreign exchange student:

Student Intent to Transfer Certificate (for students planning on moving to our district, this form must be approved prior to participating in any practice):

Eligibility Student Transfer Certificate (for 10th-12th grade students transferring into SHS from another school at the beginning of the school year or 9th-12th grade students transferring in to SHS after the school year has started):

Foreign Student Transfer Certificate (any exchange student wishing to participate for SHS athletics needs to download and review this form):

Home School Eligibility Parent Checklist:

School Representation Eligibility Certificate (for students living in the SHS District boundaries and are attending a private school that does not offer an extracurricular activity that SHS does offer):
Parent/Guardian Signature Verification *
By accepting this registration, YOU, THE PARENT/GUARDIAN, are signing an agreement to the above statements.
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By accepting this registration, YOU, THE ATHLETE, are signing an agreement to the above statements.
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