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Hello Valued Community Member! We are very excited to have become part of what, we hope, will be an integral relationship between the local Long Beach Community and our students. As I am sure that you are all aware, it takes a village to successfully raise, teach, and nurture our children. So for that reason we are asking that you fill out the survey below. This survey will give the Sato Academy staff a better idea of the valuable skills, knowledge and resources that we may be able to draw on as we continue to improve and build our industry aligned school.

A brief introduction to our school:
Sato Academy of Mathematics & Science is a small themed high school that focuses on Engineering and Health Medical industry pathways. Our students have the the opportunity to take biomedical and engineering classes along side their traditional high school curricula. We strive to provide the most up-to-date and relevant industry experience and knowledge to our students through the use of Project Lead the Way curriculum and valuable relationships with surrounding colleges and industry members.

Any degree of participation is greatly appreciated on your part. Below is the rationale for the creation of this survey.

Work Based Learning Rationale:
All students participate in a personalized and coordinated continuum of work-based-learning (WBL) experiences designed to help them master and demonstrate academic, technical, and 21st Century skills, as identified in the pathway student learning outcomes. WBL builds on and extends every pathway's program of study. WBL occurs in-person and online: in the work place, the community, and at school. Students acquire academic, technical, and 21st Century knowledge and skills through WBL, all of which enhance their preparedness for the demands of college and careers. (Taken from the Linked Learning Essential Elements developed by Connect Ed)

From the Sato Academy staff, we thank you for all your support and encouragement!

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