Vendor & Exhibitor Application: Michigan Pride 2020
Application for prospective vendors and exhibitors (for-profit, non-profit, food) at the 2020 Michigan Pride festival at Cooley Law School Stadium on Saturday, June 13th.

All vendors will be given one (1) Table, one (1) Chair, and two (2) bracelets to get into Michigan Pride. All others working the event must pay to get in. Must bring extra chairs for booth.

Vendor & Exhibitor fees will be processed as DONATIONS. Thank You!
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Booth Size Note
Booth size is a 10’ x 8' under the overhang and 10' x 10' out in the elements (bring your own tent). Vendors must come self-contained. Packaging and food waste generated by vendors must be taken to the designated dumpster area or home with the vendor. Vendors who do not comply will be surcharged $100.00 and may not be asked to participate in Michigan Pride 2021.
Included: one table and one chair will be provided. If you need more chairs you must provide them)
Would you prefer to be *
Do you need electricity? (If yes, you need to bring a extention cord that is at least 50 feet long. Electicity will be 110v) *
Price Information!
For for-profit early bird special: Until March 31st the price will be $125 (must be PAID by March 31.) From April 1st until May 31st price will be $150 (Must be PAID by May 31st) From June 1st till June12th price will be $175 (must be PAID before Pride.)
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Invoices available upon request only
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