MPI-SWS Research Survey for PhD Applicants
Applicants interested in pursuing a PhD with Jonathan Mace at the MPI-SWS Cloud Software Systems Research Group should complete this research survey.

Please take the time to answer as many questions as you can. Your answers to these questions makes it much easier to assess your suitability for joining the PhD program.
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Please complete a "MPI-SWS Doctoral Program" application on the MPI-SWS applications portal BEFORE submitting this survey. The portal can be found at
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Please indicate your experience in various topics
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What is the biggest code base you've worked on? *
Please describe the system / code base, how much programming you contributed, how much time, lines of code, what you focused on, what you had to do, etc.
What research topics are you most excited about? *
Why MPI-SWS and the Cloud Software Systems Group? *
What is your favourite research paper, and why? *
Please list one research paper that you particularly like, and describe why you like it. Try to briefly explain what its research contribution is. Aim for a few paragraphs.
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