Vendor Agreement for SNAP and Non-Cash Payment

*All vendors must read and sign this form regardless of benefit acceptance eligibility.*

In order to offer fresh fruits and vegetables to low income families and senior citizens, the Govanstowne Farmers’ Market accepts SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps), in the form of debit card payment at a central terminal.

For consistency in the program and clarity for the market customers, we require that all food vendors selling fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry, dairy products, and seeds and plants intended for growing food participate in the SNAP program.

The market will issue $1.00 wooden tokens (green) to customers that use SNAP (Independence Cards).  Market customers will use these tokens to purchase said products, but cash change may not be given on $1.00 tokens.  Customers must use the full amount of tokens purchased.

The market will issue $5.00 wooden tokens (red) to customers who use non-cash payment in the form of debit or credit cards.  Cash change from vendors may be given to customers on $5.00 tokens.

At the end of the day, vendors will count the tokens and place them in an envelope provided by market manager and receive a receipt.  When the vendor has provided their Tax ID number (W9 Form) or Social Security number, then the market manager will return the envelope and a check for the previous market’s tokens at the beginning of the following week’s market.  The final market’s check will be mailed to the vendor.

USDA SNAP Program Rules:

• SNAP benefits can be used to buy: fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, poultry, dairy products, seeds and plants intended for growing food.
• SNAP benefits can NOT be used to buy: non-food items, ready to eat foods, or hot foods
• You may NOT set a minimum purchase requirement and no cash can be given as change with $1.00 green SNAP tokens

Due to Federal Regulations of the SNAP program, we ask vendors to sign this agreement to assure they are aware of the rules of the SNAP program.

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I, on behalf of my business, agree to abide by the rules described herein as they relate to the processing of SNAP and Debit/Credit transactions.  I/we agree to follow all USDA SNAP Program rules as outlined on this agreement.  I/we understand that the market manager has the right to remove vendors from the market who do not comply with rules.
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