Parent Input Form for Maple Grove 21-22 class placement
This optional form gives you an opportunity to share information about your child and his/her needs which the school will take into consideration [along with the factors listed below] to place the child in the best possible learning environment for the upcoming school year. Specific teacher requests will not be honored. If your child is in the Extended Learning program (EL), there is only one section per grade level available so requests are not necessary.

Several factors are considered when determining a child's placement:
Heterogeneous mixture Unique and special learning needs
Group dynamics Teacher recommendations
Class size Learning style of students
Distribution of gender Parental input
Test scores Other research-based criteria
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Deadline to submit this form is May 14, 2022. No forms will be accepted after this date.
Fill in the information below completely. Use child's given name as seen in Skyward. All information requests are for the 2022-23 school year.
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Student Learning Style
The most important information to consider about my child when placing him/her in a classroom is:
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Please only fill out one form per student. Fill out a new form for each student you desire to share information about.
NOTE: Please DO NOT write any confidential information on this form, including medical or other information.
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