MICRO UTK Feedback
Information from this form will go to Heidi Goodrich-Blair (Department Head) and Alison Buchan (Department Associate Head). We will aggregate and extract information to guide internal policy adjustments and to make recommendations for campus-wide or national change. In handling information we will comply with our roles as mandatory reporters.

Please note that we have made this feedback form anonymous. As such, it is not a place to submit actionable reports. While we want to hear about and learn from incidents that you describe here please consider reporting incidents formally.

Bias: https://bias.utk.edu/
Harassment / Discrimination: https://oed.utk.edu/
Sexual assault / Harassment / Stalking: https://titleix.utk.edu/

The ombudsperson is a confidential resource to discuss issues and reporting options: https://ombuds.utk.edu/

You may also wish to confer with other experts in relevant areas, including at UT and externally.
Area for departmental improvement
Area for university improvement
OPTIONAL: Any information you wish to volunteer about yourself (If you think your current academic position matters, a component of your identity, or other aspects, please feel free to share them here.)
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