Saving Stevie Adoption Application
Thank you for expressing interest in adopting a kitty from Saving Stevie.

A few items to note:

+ Completion of this interest form does not guarantee approval. Saving Stevie reserves the right to accept or deny any application based on our requirements for adoption and need of the kitty applied for.
+ We do not accept applications that are not attached to a specific cat, nor for cats that are not available for adoption. These inquiries will not be responded to.
+ Kitties do better in pairs. Consider adopting 2 unless there is a furry friend at home.

+ Depending on the age and health of the kitties, they may not be ready to go to their forever home most immediately. Cats are not eligible for adoption until they are spayed or neutered.
+ The adoption fee is $175 for kittens and $150 for adults, due at the time of adoption. We do not accept payment in advance to "reserve" the cat.
+ It's so special when parents want to adopt a kitty to welcome into their family. Please set appropriate expectations for your children.

If you have any questions about the application, please email

You can expect to hear back within 48 hours, unless otherwise notated.
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