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Room 17’s Summer Math Camp is an opportunity for “roomies” to sustain and extend age-appropriate skills and strategies throughout the summer, in order to lessen the effects of the dreaded “summer brain drain”. Through interactive games and creative projects, roomies experience math in a way that promotes confidence and individual thinking.

Our 5 Week Summer Math Camp is $300 per roomie. You can read more by visiting our site We know that families may want to offer their children learning opportunities and experiences that may not always be possible, given the ups and downs of "life".

Therefore, we are seeking the support of local businesses who are interested in providing financial aid for children to attend our Summer Math Camp. Our goal is to meet the needs of the families in our community and sustain the LOVE of mathematics!

If you are a community member or business who is interested in fully or partially sponsoring a future roomie, please indicate in the appropriate fields below and a member of our team will follow up to discuss next steps. A member of the Room 17 team will reach out within a few days to discuss next steps and ask for permission to share your name and/or business logo on our sponsorship page at If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, that is also an option.

We hope to be able to offer a plan that works for all applicants and with the help of our community, we can make this possible!
~Sara and Monica~ Room17, LLC

(Please note: Room 17, LLC is a "for profit" business. Therefore, donations do not qualify for a tax write-off. We hope you will still see this as an opportunity to sponsor a roomie in need! We will link your logo and site and/or list your name on our Sponsorship page to highlight the generosity of our sponsors!)
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Thank you for working with us to afford a roomie the opportunity to continue learning and loving mathematics throughout the summer! A Room 17 team member will be in contact with you soon!
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