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How to Order Mooncake:
1) View the Menu in the Link:
2) Note down the Code. *MC14* (Example: MC14. Matcha Red Bean)
3) Note down the Quantity
*MC14 - 4 unit*
*MC6 - 1 unit, MC14 - 1 unit, MC16 - 2 unit*
4) Select [Next page]
5) Type your selection: *MC6 - 1 unit, MC14 - 1 unit, MC16 - 2 unit*

MC6 - 1 unit
MC14 - 1 unit
MC16 - 2 unit

Remarks: Call when reach house.
*Most Mooncakes are made-to-order. This is to ensure freshness!
*Our Mooncakes require pre-order
*Delivery starts on 9 September 2021
*Early Bird Prices end on 14 September 2021
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