Family Pride - What does our community need?
Big Easy Therapy in Terrytown, LA on the Westbank is interested in supporting families with LGBTQ+ kids under the age of 18. This questionnaire should take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.

By learning about
-your family
-your children
-resources that you are aware of
-resources that are still needed
we hope to provide ongoing support in some way.

If you would like results of the information collected and to be added to a mailing list for ongoing updates, you will be able to submit your contact information. If you would like to be contacted about being a part of organizing any groups or events, you will have the ability to submit your information as well.

No answers will be associated with any specific answers.

No identifying or specific information will be shared with anyone else.

The questionnaire will close on 7/25/2022. Data will be destroyed after results are compiled.

Risks and Benefits of participating in this questionnaire
***Risks: Risks are minimal. You may experience uncomfortable emotions while answering some questions. If you find that you are concerned about your emotional reaction, please end the questionnaire. You can find support by calling the COPE line at (504)-269-2673.
***Benefits: Benefits are contributing crucial information that might not otherwise be known. Benefits may or may not be directly experienced by your or your family.

This questionnaire has been created by: Nikole Dominique-Maikell, MS, LMFT with Big Easy Therapy. Questions and/or comments can be emailed to
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