Perception of Asthma Control in Bermuda
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Have you had a review of your asthma with your Doctor in the past year? *
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Which treatment do you take for asthma? and how often?
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Only when I have asthma symptoms
Rescue/reliever only (Ventolin or Airomir)
Single drug preventer (Beclomethazone, Becotide, Qvar, Flixotide)
Combination inhaler (Symbicort, Seretide / Advair, Dulera)
If you do not use prevention daily - Why?
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How many times have you been to Emergency (or the Lamb Foggo Acute Care facility) for asthma in the past year? *
How many times have you been admitted to the hospital for asthma in the past year? *
How much time off work/school have you taken due to asthma this past year? (approximately) *
Where do you seek information about asthma? *
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