Media Accreditation
If you require media accreditation and have not yet applied, please send an email to: and your request will be actioned in due course.

What is Festival Media Accreditation?

Festival media accreditation is granted to media personnel working in an official media capacity covering the events of the A Hitch To The Sticks Festival in November 2019.

Who is eligible to apply?
• Media personnel working in an official media capacity specifically engaged to cover the events of the Festival such as:
o Television, print and news journalists, producers, technicians and photographers/camera operators
o Radio presenters, technicians and producers
o Freelance photographers and journalists who have been commissioned by credible and recognised media outlets for the purpose of covering the Festival
• Professional bloggers and online influencers

Who is not eligible to apply?
• Industry executives
• Artist Management
• Public relations executives
• Social media enthusiasts
• Freelance photographers and journalists, who cannot provide proof of engagement or commission from credible and recognised media outlets

We wish to remind accredited media that media accreditation is only for use when working in an official media capacity covering the 'public' events of the Festival. An application process will be required to obtain an accreditation pass. The accreditation pass does not give you access to the secret events or a “free bus ticket”. Media wishing to attend full performances are advised to purchase tickets. Ticketing information is available at Media who have acquired tickets to the secret bus shows may be granted restricted access for a limited period and this access will be granted subject to the festivals discretion as we have a ‘no phone policy’ with only approved media at these events.

Media & photographers are not permitted in backstage areas unless escorted by a member of the Media team. Under no circumstances should media personnel walk through the backstage area. Should this occur or should media/photographers not follow directions of festival staff/security, we reserve the right to immediately cancel accreditation and revoke all festival access.

Photographers are permitted access to the area between the main stage and the crowd barrier- but must be escorted by a member of the Media liaison team. As the barrier is provided primarily to assist security in crowd control and patron safety, photographers must be aware of the crowd activity and security at all times. Security and staff instructions must be adhered to at all times. Access to the area in front of the barrier is permitted for the first three songs of consenting artists performances. Use of flash is not permitted.

The Media liaison team will advise Media & photographers of any other requirements or restrictions in regards to artist performances.

Media & Photographers must comply with the conditions of entry to the festival as well as adhere to the AHTTS Health and Safety Policy.

The sale of images taken at AHTTS is strictly prohibited, unless permitted in writing by the Festival Directors.

A copy of all photographic/broadcasted material must be forwarded to the Festival Office by Wednesday 6th November 2019. All material to be submitted in a published format, and all digital media coverage to be supplied.

A breach of the guidelines, or the refusal to follow the direction of AHTTS officials and security, will result in the forfeit of your media accreditation and removal from the festival site.

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