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The MSU Broad Art Lab welcomes the MSU and Greater Lansing communities to experiment with us as we break outside the confines of the museum walls. This laboratory houses exhibitions, workshops, events, and social gatherings designed for individual and collective interactions with art and culture. A testing ground by design, the Art Lab is a pilot project space where looking, learning, and socializing become tools for the community to generate innovative responses to our collective interests.

At the MSU Broad, we believe that all members of our community have something valuable to share. A creative talent. A personal story. A special skill. The MSU Broad is now welcoming submissions for through the Open Call. We invite Mitten State creative thinkers to propose ideas, events, and collaborations inspired by their interests, obsessions, and projects in progress. This ongoing series features members of the campus and local community as the Art Lab becomes a laboratory to play with ideas and ask questions.

Do you have a performance, workshop, or series of events in need of a home? Are you looking for a place to share your creative or scholarly research? Want to test an idea in progress?

Events can take many forms, from lectures, workshops, and performances to screenings, flash mobs, and pop-up markets. Make art with us. Study art with us. Celebrate art and culture with us. Perform with us. Demonstrate with us. Experiment with us. Teach with us. Play with us.

Join us as co-conspirators! Great ideas come from listening to a range of voices and we are listening. This is your space—how will you define it?

WHO should apply? Michiganders. Students. Lawyers. Innovators. Radical Crafters. Gamers. Physicists. Librarians. Teachers. Acupuncturists. Bikers. Dancers. Activists. Star Gazers. Inventors. Politicians. DIYers. Academics. Poets. Doctors. Archaeologists. Sociologists. Magicians. Librarians. Tree Huggers. Teens. Writers. History Buffs. Geographers. Videophiles. Foragers. Actors. Skateboarders. Accountants. Professors. Storytellers. Drag Queens. Art Historians. Drummers. Storm Chasers. Midwives. Psychologists. Community Organizers. Clowns. Gardeners. Designers. Florists. Musicians. Tattoo Artists. Engineers. Zoologists. Makers. Architects. Student Organizations. Bassoonists. Scientists. Singers. Veterinarians. Crossfitters. Genealogists. Builders. Flash Mobbers. Psychics. Lifelong Learners. Chemists. Hikers. Philosophers. Woodworkers. Beekeepers. Computer Programmers. Ghost Hunters. Taxidermists. Upcyclers. Canners. Folklorists. Book Clubbers. Yogis. YOU!

Application process: we accept Open Call applications on a rolling basis. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit as early as possible and keep in mind that we have three planning cycles per year: January–April, May–August, September–December. All proposals will be reviewed by the Open Call Advisory Committee, a team composed of members of the Greater Lansing Community, MSU Broad, and Michigan State University.

Application review deadlines are November 20, 2018, February 28, 2019, and July 31, 2019.

This initiative is supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

Questions about the application or application process? Please feel free to reach out to Caroline Delahoussaye at
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We would like to work with successful applicants to develop their idea and stage an event. For each event, there will be a small budget to cover production costs and mentor fees.
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The fine print:
The MSU Broad Art Lab is pleased to award modest financial support for a select number of applications received each cycle. Not all applications will be fully funded and selected participants may be asked to cover some of the hard costs associated with their event.
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