Theatre Crew Chief/ Stg Manager App Drowsy Chaperone
Please fill out everything below if you are interested in being a crew chief, Stage manager or Asst. Stg manager. This is due by Monday November 12th. Interviews are Tuesdayay Nov. 13th after school.
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Based on your response to the previous question please create a daily checklist of things which would need to be done before you and your crew are able to leave for the day. In other words, what must be done at the end of each day? *
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Please list shows you have been involved with (include yr and group) and the crew(s) you were on. *
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What do you think are the traits of a successful crew chief or stage manager? Of those which one do you think you personally want to improve the most? *
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What do you think are the qualities of a good crew or company? *
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