Winter 2020 AMC10B/12B Contest Registration
Cornell will again host the AMC10B and 12B exams in winter 2020. The exam date this year is February 5, 2020. If you are interested in sitting for the AMC10B or 12B exam this year, please sign up here. Based on current survey responses, it is likely to be in the afternoon, starting at 4 pm.

Make sure you are certain that you will come for the contest before you sign up, as seats are free, but limited, and if you fail to show, you're potentially depriving someone else of an opportunity. Please note that even though there is no seat charge, we are asking for donations to pay our graduate student proctors. However, if we have people who qualify for AIME as in past years, we will host the AIME without proctor charge.

Please do not sign up more than once. Need more information? Need confirmation that you signed up? Email Laura Jones at for a prompt and friendly response.
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Some students have expressed a preference for a morning exam instead of sitting for the AMC at the end of a long school day. Please give your preferences below.
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