Fast Track 15 Day Close Enhanced Residential Mortgage Application
Do not fill out this application if you do not meet ALL THREE requirements below. Instead go back and click on apply now to ensure a smooth closing in less than 30 days.

Requirements to Get A Fast Track Close:
1. 1 Applicant, W-2 Income ONLY, Single Family Primary Home
2. No HOA, No Solar Panel Lease, No Second Mortgage
3. Provide All Documents Prior To Lock (2yrs w-2s, 2months paystubs, Insurance, Mortgage Statement)

NMLS Broker ID: 344532 | AZDFI Broker: 1025539 | CA Department of Real Estate Broker License: 01885141
NMLS Company: 2167398 | AZDFI Company: 1026182 | SO EZ INC |
Phone: 520-523-SOEZ (7639) | Owner: Danielle Hansen
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