Biscuit Volunteer Roles, Support and Leafleting
Please fill in your name and contact details below. This data will be stored in accorance to the Biscuit GDPR Policy which can be found on the Bosham Isolation Support Whatsapp group and the BISCuit Facebook Page.

If your details are given over the phone it is important that the call handler advises the caller of the existence of the Biscuit GDPR policy by asking the following question 'Are you happy for us to record your personal details temporarily for the sole purpose of providing this volunteer service?'
Has the GDPR statement above been read by the person filling in this form or has the call handler advised the caller of the GDPR statement and have they said yes? *
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Do you live in Bosham or have a social connection to Bosham? We require that the answer is yes to this question to be able to volunteer for BISCuit. Please add to describe the social connection to Bosham *
Are you over 18 Years of age? *
If you are 16-18 Years old is your parent/guardian registered with Biscuit? Please add the name of your parent/guardian in Other (they will be contacted to verify your details). You will not be able to volunteer until this verification is completed.
If under 16 please state your age (You will not be able to register for BISCuit but we can direct you to BISkids)
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