Country *
What do you and your family do to spare drinking water and energy? *
I don’t let the tap run while I’m brushing my teeth.
I take a shower instead of taking a bath.
We use water saving toilet tanks at home.
We took into consideration water consumption when we bought our washing machine and/or our dishwasher.
I leave the electrical devices on „standby” function.
We use energy saving bulbs at home.
I buy as much local produce as I can.
What do the government and the local authority do in your country and city for clean air and to avoid smog? *
They build cycle lanes.
They run electrical means of transport (trams, trolleys)
They organise rent-a-bike systems.
They expand green areas.
They move factories to the outskirts to industrial parks.
They encourage the construction of ringroads.
They encourage the use of renewable energy sources.
What do you and your family do to collect rubbish selectively? *
I collect paper selectively.
I collect plastic bottles selectively.
I collect glass selectively.
I collect hazardous waste selectively. (batteries, cell phone batteries, etc.)
We compost kitchen waste.
We buy „green” labelled products.
We hardly ever buy disposable products. 
Quiz *
Can you put the oily pizza box into the selective paper wastebin?
Can you put the whole tetra pack carton into the selective plastic wastebin?
Can you put your old mobile phone in the metal container?
Can you compost organic kitchen leftover?
Are you allowed to put window glass into the glass container?
Are you allowed to put lightbulbs into the glass containter?
Are you allowed to put neon tubes into the glass container?
Can crisp packets be collected selectively?
Can metal waste left from DIY be collected selectively?
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