New Surfas Location Questionnaire
“It’s not about WHERE Surfas is but WHO Surfas is”


Work has begun getting our new home ready. It will take time to make suitable improvements but we are not kicking back. This is time for some serious thinking and planning. But, an element is missing…YOU. We learned from the communications we have received that you want to have input in creating the next Surfas Culinary District. Some of you have ideas about changing Surfas and some of you have strong feelings to keep Surfas the exact same. This goes along with our history of listening to our customer needs. All thoughts and comments are welcome.

We ARE listening.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the survey below. We would gratefully appreciate it if you can provide manufacturer information or label descriptions. Write as much as you like and as often as you like.

What are the product(s) Surfas sold you cannot live without?
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What product(s) Surfas sold were nice but you can find elsewhere?
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What product(s) would you like to have come back to Surfas that they stocked in the past?
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What product suggestion do you have for new items never stocked in the stores?
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Check all your favorite categories and then let us know in the space below which specific items you liked.
Favorite Items (please include manufacturer information if known)
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General Comments (Good or Bad) and New ideas are welcome below:
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