2017 Christmas Sponsor for Free the Captives
Guidelines for Sponsoring a Trafficking Victim through Free the Captives

Thank you for your help and blessing our girls and their families! You are making Christmas extra special for these families. Some of these girls have nothing in their homes and would not get a present at all if it were not for you.
It is best if you are taking on this project with a group since our girls have very little, and we want to give them a magical Christmas!

Free the Captives works with teenaged trafficking victims in Houston. We help to rescue and restore girls who have been caught up in modern day slavery. To learn more about us, please go to www.FreetheCaptivesHouston.com.

If we connect you with one of our girls, please distribute these guidelines to every person helping with your group. Each sponsor or sponsoring group will be asked to contribute the following:

1. Wrapped presents for members of the family (family sizes range from 2 to 4 people). We will provide you a list of items that we know each family would like and their clothing sizes. We ask that you provide for each family member, new items - already wrapped:

a. Shirt
b. Pants
c. Shoes (sneakers or tennis shoes)
d. Package of socks
e. One or two fun items
f. One Christian item (age appropriate book or DVD or decorative item) - no CDs
g. (Optional) Cute stocking full of fun little items like candy, toys, lip balm, gum, lotion, hand sanitizer, earrings, nail polish

2. Christmas Meal
Rather than a gift card for groceries, we would like for you to purchase a full Christmas meal for them. You may buy extra groceries not on the list but we do ask that you fulfill this list first. We will coordinate a time to pick up the gifts and meals from you and deliver them directly to the family that day. Please include the following:
i. A fully cooked, spiral cut ham & large disposable tin pan to bake it in
ii. Can of pineapple rings
iii. Bread or rolls
iv. Package of stuffing mix
v. Package of gravy mix
vi. 2 boxes of Mac-n-cheese
vii. 2 Cans of green beans
viii. 5lb bag of potatoes
ix. 1lb bag of carrots
x. 1lb bag of onions
xi. Bag of clementine oranges
xii. Bag of apples
xiii. Jar of peanut butter
xiv. Cookies or cake (no fruit cakes)
xv. Instant hot chocolate (just add water)
xvi. Marshmallows
xvii. 2 two liter bottles of Orange Crush soda
xviii. Package of paper plates and plastic utensils
xix. Styrofoam cups for hot chocolate
xx. A can opener
xxi. Set of disposable salt and pepper shakers

3. Christmas Decorations: 4.5 ft or 5ft fake Christmas tree (please no larger), lights, package of Christmas ornaments, extension cord

4. Please do not include any personal notes. We would like for the girl to be able to present these gifts as her own to family members.

5. Please have the gifts wrapped and labeled for the appropriate recipient. The girls love beautiful bows and ribbons!

6. As you can see, many of these girls are living very sparsely; some have no food in the fridge. You are truly a blessing!

7. **Please have all items ready for delivery by Dec. 11. Our staff will contact you for a time to pick up the wrapped gifts and meals during the week of Dec. 11.

8. Please take pictures of your group or family shopping or wrapping gifts and email them to info@freethecaptiveshouston.com. We would love to share this on our Facebook page! If you don’t want to be in the picture, just take a picture of your lovely wrapped presents.

9. To receive a tax receipt from Free the Captives for your donation, you must fill out a very short form at this link and submit your request online no later than Dec. 31: http://goo.gl/forms/phMXdCGDJp

To be considered as sponsoring Christmas for one of our teen trafficking victims, please fill out the form below. The description and number of people in your group will allow us to determine which girl is the best fit for your group.

Please do not delay in submitting your form as the sponsorships tend to go quickly. If you have questions, please email us at volunteer@freethecaptiveshouston.com. Thank you for your help and time!

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