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You have to be a collaborator to have access to the storymakers list.
Anyone who would like to help crafting someone's story can become collaborator. As a collaborator, you'll have access to early story development and you'll be given the possibility to work on stories of your choice.
A collaborator is NOT a storymaker. If you would like to write your own adventure, you should look into the storymaker option.
This is strictly volunteer work. It is forbidden to ask for compensation for your work, no matter the form of that compensation (website currencies, commission work, services, etc). That means that there is never an obligation on your part to deliver a service. You can back out at any time of the process, including after the story has been published; your work can be removed of any adventure if you ask. *
If your work is chosen to be in a story, you will be clearly credited with a username and a link everywhere your work appear. You will also receive a personalised Collaborator badge.
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Contact information *
Please write out your preferred method of communication. It can be an email, a tumblr, a discord handle, etc.
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You can select more than one
What do you like to do?
For example, drawing backgrounds or creating ciphers.
What doesn't interest you?
For example, writing long descriptions or colouring complicated designs
Where can we find sample of your work?
This is not mandatory. For example, artists are encouraged to submit a link to an art gallery, which help build trust with storymakers. Any link you submit will be shared with storymakers.
On what would you like to work? *
You can read about the difference between a main story and other stories here >
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