Say No To Rezone Community Survey
The Durham City Council will soon be considering the rezoning, clear-cutting and high density development of 149 acres of hilly woodland between Guess and Bivins Roads. Unless there is substantial and sustained community opposition, they will likely approve the request. Please help us collect data about community concerns and priorities regarding this proposed change. The responses are anonymous.

See the proposal and add public comments at
Your neighborhood or the road you live on
How important to you are these concerns:
Not important
Somewhat important
Extrememly important
Preserving wildlife habitat
Controling flooding
Maintaining the rural character of N Durham
Preventing traffic congestion
Avoiding years of contruction noise/mess
Preserving tree cover/wild spaces
Increasing property values
Keeping housing prices/taxes affordable
Capacity of schools
Adequacy of emergency services
Impact on water quality
Light pollution
Impact on existing community resources (grocery, parks, etc)
Compatibility with existing neighborhoods
Clear selection
If the rezoning and development is approved, how important are these features to you:
Not important
Somewhat important
Extremely important
Large wooded buffers around the development
No town homes
Locating amenities (club house, pool, etc) in the center of the property
Preserving open space within the development
Walking paths and/or sidewalks
Storm water management beyond the minimal 25 year flood retention pond
Traffic control measures such as road widening or turn lanes
Preserving specific features of the land such as mature hardwoods and ponds
Energy efficient building design
Clear selection
Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
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