Award 4
"Middle Years Teacher of the Year"

Nominees will demonstrate exemplary practice in the middle years and provide evidence in the form of:

* educational history and professional development activities
* record of teaching effectiveness
* philosophy of teaching
* education issues and trends
* program, activity or project
* letters of support
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Letter of Introduction. Prepared by the chief administrator of the school providing basic information about the nominee and specific reasons for nominating the this teacher. *
Educational history and professional development activities. *
Record of teaching effectiveness. Max one page demonstrating skills, student relationships and student outcomes. You are encouraged to refer to pedagogical processes and practices that are seen to enhance the life experiences of young adolescents. *
Letters of Support (optional). A maximum of 5 signed letters from students and or community members may be included to support your application. Please provide a link to dropbox (or similar) where we can read the letters. *
Philosophy of teaching. Describe your personal feelings and beliefs about teaching including your own ideas on what makes an outstanding middle years teacher. *
Education issues and trends. Description of what you consider to be the major educational issues affecting the education of middle years students in Australia and or New Zealand *
Program activity or project. Describe your pedagogical processes and practices that are seen to enhance the educational and life experiences of young adolescents through a program, activity or project that you have implemented. This may include but is not limited to creative or critical thinking, use of technology, pastoral care, health and fitness programs or student voice. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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