Terragen 4 Benchmark Results Submission
This is a new benchmark, specifically for *Terragen 4.3 and newer*. Find out how your computer's performance stacks up against the rest of the Terragen user community! Download the Terragen 4 benchmark, extract the .zip file, load into Terragen 4.3 or newer, render the scene (please do not modify any settings before rendering), and report your results below.

You can download the current version of the official Terragen 4 benchmark here:
(right-click or option-click and choose Save As)

Please visit our benchmark web page here for more detailed instructions and info:
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Basic Information
Your Name or Nickname
This is just an identifier for your results. Be aware that this will be made public. Please always use the same name when submitting multiple results so we can consistently associate benchmark results with specific users.
Email Address *
We collect your email address so we can contact you if there are any issues with your result submission. This does not add you to any mailing list and we will never give access to your address to anyone else. Email addresses will not be visible in the results list.
Terragen Version (build number) *
Please indicate the specific build or version of Terragen you used to record the benchmark result above. For example 4.3.23. For "frontier" versions, you can append "f" to the end, for example 4.4.18.f. Remember, this benchmark is for Terragen 4.3 and above! You can find the version information on the About screen from the Help or Application menus. Please do NOT submit results from Terragen 2, Terragen 3, or Terragen 4 prior to version 4.3. The free version can be used to run the benchmark if your current maintenance does not allow you access to 4.3.
Total Render Time *
Please report the exact time as shown on the Terragen 4 Render Window after render completion.
Computer Specs
In order to properly compare your result to others, we'll need to know a bit about your computer specifications. Just fill out the basic info below. If you don't see an option corresponding to your hardware, email us at support@planetside.co.uk to let us know.
Operating System *
What operating system are you running? Please select the specific version number below. If your operating system is not on the list, please select Other and let us know what is missing in the Notes section.
Number of Physical Processors *
Most systems will have only 1, but those of you with higher-end workstations will know if you have 2 or more. Keep in mind this refers to separate Processors (CPUs); it is not the same as a "core" or "thread". The numer of cores per CPU is (optionally) indicated below.
Number of Physical Cores (*not* threads) Per Processor *
Most modern computer processors have more than 1 "core", almost like an additional processor but still part of the main CPU. This is not the same thing as the number of *threads* your CPU can process simultaneously, we are referring here to *physical cores* (for example Intel and AMD CPUs with hyperthreading can have twice as many threads as they have physical cores). Typical core counts are 2, 4, 6, and 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32, though some newer CPUs have 56 or more. Most CPUs come with an even number of cores, but some AMD CPUs have had 3. Remember, this is the number of cores *per processor*, not the total number in your system (in other words if you have 2 CPUs, each with 4 cores, you would select 4 as the answer here). If you don't know the answer to this, leave it blank, the same info is available from your CPU model number.
Processor Brand *
There are really only two options...
Processor Model Name/Family *
Select the model name or family your CPU belongs to, for example Core i7 (Intel) or Ryzen 7 (AMD). For reference, you can find your CPU information here for Intel: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark.html#@Processors and here for AMD: https://www.amd.com/en/products/specifications Don't worry about specifying the "generation" of your CPU, the model number below should take care of that.
Processor Model Number *
Please try to find your specific processor (CPU) model number, if possible. For Intel CPUs it will typically be something like i7-7700K or E5620 and for AMD CPUs something like 2700x or 2990W. On Windows you can find this information by viewing the Properties of your Computer. On a Mac, use About This Mac on the Apple menu. Please do not put the model *name* (e.g. "Core" or "Ryzen") in this field, that should go in the previous field. Note that the model *number* may include some parts of the model *name* above, such as i7-xxxx, please include this info even if it seems to be duplication.
CPU Overclocked? *
Is your CPU overclocked?
CPU Speed in Gigahertz (Ghz) *
Indicate your actual CPU speed as used during rendering the benchmark (including any overclocking). Please indicate speed in Gigahertz, e.g. 3.4, but do not use "Ghz" or other indication text in your entry. Please note that the normal "boost speeds" of modern CPUs are not considered overclocking.
Amount of RAM in Gigabytes (GB) *
The amount of system memory you have in your computer, expressed in Gigabytes (1024MB per Gigabyte). Please only enter numerical data (e.g 1 for 1GB, 16 for 16GB, etc.), do not use "GB" or other unit indicator.
RAM Type *
The type of RAM in your computer. If you don't know, please select "Unknown".
Write any notes about your configuration here. If you had to choose "Other" for any of the hardware options, please provide details here.
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