i3Detroit Member Prep Phase 2: Orientation
You should've just received some emails with login information to some of our internal systems. This phase will get you familiar with how they work, what they're for, and how YOU can get signed into them.

It's also time to meet some more people and get started participating in the space. This phase might take a few weeks (it's strongly suggested that you attend a member meeting, and those happen on a schedule, after all), so give it all a read-through and plan your next actions! These steps need not be completed in order...

During this period, feel free to ask for guidance! Visit the space (look for events on the calendar) and get to know as many people as you can -- our strong community is what makes us more than just a building full of stuff, after all. And hey, the people you ask for help might not know the answers immediately. Finding them together is half the point...
A note about completing this phase..
Google doesn't let you save a half-completed form and come back to it. Since it's gonna take you a while to go through all this stuff, consider keeping your own notes until you're ready to submit it, then come back and fill it all in and let 'er rip.

(Apologies in advance if the form changes while you're working on it. As you saw in the previous phase, and as continues below, i3 has a ton of moving parts, and the more familiar with 'em you can get, the more successful you'll be! That means these forms are occasionally updated. Oh whatever, a little thing like that shouldn't slow you down!)
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CRM stuff:
You're not a member just yet, but you've got an entry in our membership database now. This system serves a few important functions:

* It tracks members' dues payments
* It lets members find each other's contact info
* It stores your emergency contact info
* It lets you give yourself access to some other systems

So, let's get you some practice logging into it! Hit https://i3detroit.org/crm and use the "recover password" option. Put in the email address you used in the previous step, and it should send some login credentials by email. (If you don't see it in a minute, check your spam box, of course.)

Once you get logged in, click your name at the top and edit your own record to contain your preferred phone number (in case members need to reach you urgently) and your emergency contact info (in case the worst should happen). Log out and back in, to make sure the changes got saved. Looking good? Good!

(Also note that in the members view, you can click anyone's record to view their emergency contact info. Hope we don't need this, but it's there if we do!)
Once you've added the emergency contact info to your record, just flip this to "yes" to track your progress. *
Cool! Also while you're in there, hit the "services" tab and send yourself a Slack invite!

Slack is a chat system where a lot of i3's internal decision-making takes place. It's accessible on desktops and smartphones, and lets you read scrollback (conversation history) that happened while you weren't connected, very cool.

Whether you use it long-term is up to you, but you should at least get a look at some of the channels and conversations. When you send that invite, it should show up in your email with instructions for getting logged in. The web app is pretty good, but the native desktop and phone apps are even better; consider trying them out!
What are some channels that every Slack user is automatically added to?
#new-members is a good place to start your Slack journey, get in there and introduce yourself!
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Back in phase 1, you had to find some information in i3Detroit's internal wiki. Now you have access to start making some edits! You should've gotten an email from noreply@i3detroit.org with a temporary password.

Go to https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/ and at the top-right, click "log in". Do the needful, and you should notice that pages have an "edit" link at the top now!

If you're already wiki-adept, feel free to start fixing things that seem to need fixing. If you're pretty sure you can figure this out, just give it a go -- if you hose things up we can just revert the changes! Also, pop into #wiki on Slack to hang out with other folks who work on maintaining this resource.

If you're new to this, that's fine too! Here's a great way to get your feet wet: You'll notice that your name (in the upper right) is red, right? But it's clickable! It's clickable because every wiki user has their own user-page, and it's red because yours hasn't been filled in yet! Click it, click "create this page", and tell us a little about yourself!

If you want to play with the wiki markup and formatting, hit https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/Special:ActiveUsers and look at how some other folks do theirs (click the "Edit" link on someone else's page to view their markup source -- just don't click save unless you want to make changes.)
Log into the wiki and create your user page as explained above and put something on it to prove you have access (your favorite shade of green, perhaps). Flip this to "yes" when you're done! *
Meet the makers!
If you haven't been to a meeting before, it's time to fix that! The organization's business gets done at meetings, and you're becoming part of the organization. Member meetings happen on the first and third Tuesday evenings of each month, you'll find them on the calendar.

If you can't make it to the space, join the Google Hangout! Someone usually posts the link on Slack a few minutes before the meeting. Please mute your mic unless you need to jump in. :)

At the meeting, introduce yourself! There's a time for introductions right at the beginning of the meeting, but if you can't make it until later, it should be okay to jump in before the closing cowbell. If you can bring something for show-and-tell, that's even better. (You'll meet other members more quickly if they find you memorable, basically.)
Zone, zone, everywhere a zone!
Rather than a top-down management structure like many corporate makerspaces, i3Detroit is organized from the bottom up, with member-volunteers serving a coordinating role for "zones" within the space. There's a list of zones on the wiki, but you've probably seen that already.

Every zone has unique capabilities, and thus each faces unique challenges. This would be a good time to talk with a zone coordinator or two, and get to know some of the stuff they're working on.
Meet a zone coordinator! Below, please say who you talked to, and describe some challenges faced by their zone. (Would they remember having this conversation with you?) *
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What are some things that individual members can do to address the challenges described above? *
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Keeping the wheels turning!
Everything at i3Detroit is done by volunteers like you and me. Beyond just taking out the trash and keeping things shiny for each other, that also means organizing events and keeping the organization's internals operating. Start thinking about your role there -- what can you teach, and how do you start doing so? And more importantly, like everything else, there's a coordinating person for that!
Who's the VP of Classes and Activities? (Have you had a chance to meet yet?) *
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Is there anything you'd like to teach?
You don't have to plan it now, but it's good to start thinking about sharing what you know, formally or informally. The class coordinator (above) might be able to point you at a list of topics people have expressed interest in learning.
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Look over the calendar for the coming weeks or months, and identify an event you'd like to be involved in. What is it, and who would you talk to about it? (hint: click any event within the calendar to see details.)
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You might've previously run across i3's Harassment Policy on the wiki. If not, now's a good time! So, what should you do if someone's being a jerk?
Hint: It's linked from one of the info-boxes on the main page of the wiki.
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By checking this box, you acknowledge you have reviewed and will abide by both the i3Detroit harassment policy and list of prohibited activities. *
You already found the harassment policy as part of the previous question. The list of prohibited activities can be found at the end of the standing rules.
Briefly explain the roles of the board of directors, the officers, the zone coordinators, and the member advocate.
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Leaving things better than you found them.
Part of being excellent to each other is cleaning and maintaining the space and equipment. If something breaks, it's members who fix it, so other members can use it. When something's messy, it's members who clean it, so other members can enjoy it.

In practice, it's sometimes helpful to have lists of tasks! On the wiki there's a page called ToDo (linked from the front page), which consolidates the to-do-lists from all the zones. Some of it is just work (mopping, cleaning the bathrooms), and some of it requires specific skills (electrical repairs, graphical design of signage), but it's up to you to decide how to help! Have a look over that list, and consider what you talked about with the zone coordinators you've met, for this next question:
Identify a few things that need doing, that seem comfortably within your skill set. And, who would you talk to about getting started doing them?
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This one isn't explicitly in the rules, but ask anyone: When spray painting, what MUST be used to prevent overspray from soiling the pavement, walls, or whatever? *
Where to stuff your stuff!
Back in phase-1, you probably encountered the section of the rules that governs member storage. Now you're much closer to being a member, which will allow you to claim a storage plot if you need one. Cool! There's a list of plots here: https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/Storage_Plot_List

Member storage is a LOT easier when your stuff isn't easily mixed up with someone else's. The best way to do that is to keep it in a container of some sort, and LABEL THE HECK out of that container. (It's strongly recommended that if you have ANY items in storage that aren't in a labeled container, then EVERY SUCH ITEM should be individually labeled. This has been a huge problem in the past, hence the profuse capitalization up there. Ponder why!)

This makes a good container: http://www.homedepot.com/p/12-Gal-Heavy-Duty-Flip-Tote-in-Grey-121521-001/203664499 or so does this one: http://www.lowes.com/pd/Style-Selections-12-Gallon-Clear-Tote-with-Hinged-Lid/4462415 or whatever fits in your plot. Plots aren't all exactly the same size but they should all fit a tote like that with some room to spare.

How many individual storage plots are there? *
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Answering the door...
Guest policy: Hey, who's that person I don't recognize? And are they supposed to be using that tool? Who's their host, anyway? *
Last question! You've had a chance to get to know some members and the space in general. Using what you've learned, how would you describe i3Detroit in 1-2 sentences? *
The most creative/thoughtful of these may be used (anonymously) in i3Detroit advertising materials!
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Alright, submit this thing!
So far so good?

If you've gotten this far, check over your responses and then click Submit! If everything looks good upon review, you'll get a few more emails from Google Groups as the membership coordinator adds you to the members-only groups, and an email to set up an appointment to make your first dues payment and get your key.

Fingers crossed!
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