Student Parking Passes (December Sell Date)
Given that we have a limited number of parking spots available at this point in the year, we are asking everyone interested in purchasing a pass on December 10th to fill out this form. Priority will be given to Seniors and Juniors, but we have opened up sales to Sophomores as well. If we have more students request a spot than we have spaces available, we will determine who can purchase via a lottery system. All students that complete this form will receive an email to let you know whether or not you will be able to purchase a pass prior to Dec 10th. Please do not come to purchase a pass on Dec 10th if you have not received an email from Mr. Baughan letting you know that you will be able to purchase.

As a reminder, parking permit applications can not be processed without each of the following:
1. The completed application. Note that this application must be notarized before it will be accepted.
2. A check or money order for the appropriate amount made payable to Holly Springs High School. At this point in the year, the online payment system is not an option for parking passes.
3. A photocopy of your valid North Carolina Driver License

The parking pass application can be found on our website and at this link -

Please do not hesitate to email Mr. Baughan with any questions at
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