AWA Oasia is seeking aligned collaborators and strategic partners to assist in creating a massive vision for positive impact through our uniquely dynamic space located in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in the world, Los Angeles.

We are calling in entrepreneurs, investors, change-makers, start ups and/or established businesses for the long term or in a pop-up capacity. If you care about making a difference in the world and are attracted to us and our space, we want to know you!

AWA Oasia is a sanctuary focused on creating transformational experiences, bridging communities, supporting the arts, and networking visionaries for positive impact. In just one year, the multi-use space has housed a wide variety of events and filming projects as the team develops the grand expression of the vision. Ultimately, AWA is building a franchise model with hopes to be adopted worldwide as a resource hub where people can connect, collaborate, build community, discover, learn to thrive and be inspired to create a better world.

Check out to see images and learn more about the space!

Please fill out the following application to connect with our team and have the opportunity to be a part of what is being created at AWA. This is your invitation to help activate Los Angeles and spread the movement worldwide!
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