Airport Pickup Spring 2020
Are you a NEW Texas Tech international student in your first semester at TTU?

If so, this service is for you! If you wish to be picked up at the Lubbock Airport when you arrive, please fill out all of this information. We will use this information to reach out to you prior to your arrival in Lubbock, as well as to communicate with you when you arrive here in Lubbock.

Should any changes be made to your flight plans after you fill out this form, PLEASE let us know of these changes as soon as possible (by emailing This allows us to serve you best as well as create a positive experience for our volunteers who are picking you up on behalf of the Office of International Affairs.

NOTE: We only offer 7 days of pickup, January 7th through January 13th, and we can ONLY accommodate pickups for yourself (the student) and one family member/friend.
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Address of your destination/drop off location in Lubbock (NOTE: A sufficient answer is NOT Texas Tech U., or Office of International Affairs, & failure to provide proof of planning ahead for your accommodation may mean this service cannot be provided to you): *
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