Fall 2021 Application - UHC
The University Honor Council at Penn is a student-led organization that focuses on encouraging the Penn Community to participate in honorable conduct and academic integrity. We work closely with Penn's Office of Student Conduct throughout the year to foster initiatives that promote our purpose.

If you have an interest in applying to join the UHC, please fill out the following form.

Have questions? Contact us at universityhonorcouncil@gmail.com

Thank you for your time in filling out this application!

All applications are due September 10th at midnight EST. Interviews will take place via Zoom on 09/14, 09/15, 09/16.
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Substantive Questions
Please answer the following questions in no more than 150 words. There are no right or wrong answers. Answer honestly and don’t just tell us what you think we want to hear -- we want to get to know you!
Why do you want to become a member of the UHC? *
Members of the Honor Council are passionate about what they are involved in. What is one interest/activity you are passionate about and what have you done to pursue it?  - This does not need to be Honor Council Related! *
What initiatives could UHC start to better promote academic integrity and honorable student conduct on campus? *
Case Analysis: UHC has found Varun to be responsible for plagiarizing and now must determine an appropriate sanction. However, this situation is complicated. This is Varun's 2nd offense for plagiarism. He lied to the professor when asked about his plagiarized paper (referring to the 2nd incident). In addition, an immediate family member of his died 1 week before this incident. What factors would you consider in Varun's case? (No word limit) *
Other Questions
Please rank the committees you are interested in!

Policy Initiatives & Education targets faculty to improve academic integrity (i.e. sit in on meetings to discuss policies).

Campus Engagement & Events targets students (i.e. movie night, reach out to student organizations).

Communications (i.e. launch initiatives to address honor related issues in the Penn community).

Research (i.e finding ways to improve Penn’s academic integrity policies). Rank these options from most to least interest with 1 being the committee you are most interested in joining and 4 being the committee you are least interested in joining.
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2nd Choice *
3rd Choice *
4th Choice *
Are you available for an interview on Tuesday 09/14, Wednesday 09/15, or Thursday 09/16? *
Typically we meet from 7-8 on Sunday evenings. This semester we are still working to pick a time based on everyone's time zones. What time zone will you be located in this semester? *
If you answered "Other" to the question above, please explain.
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