2020 PLE Summer Intensive MUN Courses Registration Form
Dear Student and Parent,

Thanks for registering PLE Model UN courses!
Please read the information below carefully, we have 6 courses about to start!

PLE Summer Intensive MUN Courses are designed for Middle School and High School students.
PLE Summer Intensive MUN program includes 4 sessions, each student is required to be evaluated by a PLE MUN Coach to identify the his or her level.

Virtual Classroom: www.zoom.us


*** $388/student/session***
*** $1,512/student for 4 sessions ($40 Discount) if you pay in full***

Ways to Pay:
A: Zelle, Chase QuickPay: jinsandra@gmail.com, Zelle Pay is preferred

B: Venmo: jinsandra@gmail.com; @PLE-Sandra
or phone number: 609-356-3881

C: Make Check Payable to:
Princeton Learning Experience
PO Box 8181
Princeton, NJ 08543

For more information, please check our website: www.pleis.us

WeChat: meijun78900; lucyzaizai;
Email: jinsandra@gmail.com; lucyyao2009@gmail.com
Phone: 609-356-3881; 609-578-0843

Look forward to seeing you in Class!
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PLE Media Release Agreement: I grant permission for me (if 18 or 18+ years older) or my child to participate and appear in video or audio recordings, films, photographs, written articles, or on websites and social media sites. My consent includes the use of editing of my (if 18 or 18+ years older) or my child’s image, voice, or name, and the use, editing and release to media outlets. Princeton Learning Experience International School is not liable for any damages to property or persons for the duration of its courses. I agree that I will not hold Princeton Learning Experience International School responsible for any harm that may arise from such reproduction. *
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