2017 Marching Band End of Year Survey
Please fill this out so we can make improvements to the future of the program.
Who are you? *
We will still do some Winter/Spring camps next year. How many do you think there should be? *
When do you think they should start? *
Do You think they helped recruit new kids? *
Not at all
Absolutely Yes
Do You think they helped scare off kids who might not work hard enough? *
Not at all
Absolutely Yes
What one thing would you change about the winter/spring camps?
Your answer
How important do you feel Band Camp is? *
Not Important, let's lose it.
The most important part of the year.
Do you think Band camp should continue to be in Delta, or should we just do it at home? *
Do you think we should look at moving band camp to a college or university?
Is there anything you would like to say about Band Camp?
Your answer
How do you feel about summer practices? *
If you think it is just right the way it is choose 3.
There are too many.
There are not enough, we should practice every day.
How do you feel about the length of Summer practices? *
Again if you're happy mark 3.
They are too short, they need to be longer.
Are you seriously trying to kill us? Please make them shorter.
If there is anything you would change about summer practices, what would it be, and why?
Your answer
What student leadership do you think is important? Who would you keep? *
Mark all that you think are important
How would you change the student leadership?
If you marked other on the previous question what is the other you want to see?
Your answer
Which Competitions do you think we should do next year? *
UMEA is talking about adding shows to next year's schedule. What is important to you when it comes to choosing a competition? *
Do you have any other input as to competition schedules?
Your answer
AS for the music we choose: What is more important - Music we enjoy, or music the judges like? *
We have to enjoy it, forget the judges.
Even if we hate it, if it makes the judges weep then we should play it.
What should the goal of the band be? *
Win, win, win at all costs
Strive to be the best we can be and produce a quality show, regardless of what the judges think.
Do you think that the fees are about right? *
If you think we are about right on choose 3.
They are too low, raise them to cover costs.
They are ridiculously high. I can't do band unless they are lowered.
What do you think is fair to ask for a fee? *
How important is a big trip to the band? Like the Hawaii trip last year. *
We don't need them at all.
I'm only in band to have that opportunity once in a while.
How many staff members should there be? *
If you could change something about the staff, what would it be, and why?
Be honest, but polite.
Your answer
Do you think we should higher someone to write a custom show? *
This could be custom music, custom drill, or both. Keep in mind this is expensive and would need to be paid for by fees.
Is there anything else we should consider for the future of the marching band?
Feel free to be honest, but be polite.
Your answer
If we do a winter drum line this year, would you participate? *
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