Welcome to Belgaum Institute Of Digital Marketing. Kindly fill the below form correctly, so that one of our executives can contact you shortly. Kindly note that this is not a final confirmation form. Your confirmation will be only finalized when you pay the fees and take receipt of the same.
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Terms and Conditions
1. Respect the organization’s structure and follow the policies and procedures of the organization.
2. Complete all the course duties in a professional manner.
3. Maintain regular, substantive contact with the supervisors.
4. Satisfactorily complete requirements by the due dates indicated.
5. Take initiative when questions, situations, or concerns arise.
6. Uphold the Conduct Code and act in an ethical manner during work hours.
7. The fees paid will not be refunded in any case.
8. We do not have any student replacement policy after the student has registered for the training.
9. In the case of misbehavior or misconduct, the company owns the right to terminate the course at any point in time.
Kindly keep a note that you have filled the correct details in the above form.
One of our executives can contact you shortly and take confirmation from you.
Kindly also keep in mind that there are max. 10 students in a batch if in case you fail to confirm your seats before the start of the course, it will result in cancellation of your registration.
We provide seats on first come first serve basis only.
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