Bank Up 2 Strength Up
BU2SU is an eUnited States funded program run by the Department of Citizen Affairs.
The program distributes FREE GOLD for assistance in Upgrading your Training Grounds.

- US citizens level 21 or higher qualify.
- Upgrades to Weights Room and Climbing Center (FREE and 2nd) training grounds will be subsidized.
- To claim benefits, citizens should fill out this form once each e-Republik server day.

Upgrades to Shooting Range and Special Forces Center (3rd and 4th TGs) are no longer funded as they are not profitable for the citizen.

eRepublik offers a discounted training grounds promotion.monthly. You should save gold to take advantage of the discount on higher quality upgrades when reasonable.

You can get 1 gold per day from DoCA if you qualify.
If you have any question, feel free to contact me!

rainy sunday,
Secretary of Citizen Affairs

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