NSFW commissions form

First off, if you are intending to use my art for NFT or crypto bs of any kind, please leave. If you use my art for NFTs, I will seek legal action.

- Be nice and respectful. This is my job.
- I require payment after the initial sketch is finished.
- Do not ask me to copy someone else's work or imitate someone else's style. I draw how I draw. Please be aware that my art style is also constantly changing and improving, so it may not look exactly like my old art. Icons are done in a more cartoony style, portraits with proper references can be more realistic, and other art will be somewhere in between.
- You may not profit off of my work unless we've come to an agreement concerning your use of my art for the purpose of selling something. This applies to album and podcast covers, book covers, merch designs, logos, etc. If you intend to use my work for anything commercial, please select "something else" for the first question and DM me!
- I have to right to refuse service to anyone. if you are rude or knowingly ask me to draw something against my morals I will block you.
- I don't draw for free and I don't draw cishet centered porn or anything nsfw for/of minors.


- You!
- Couples
- Original characters and D&D characters!
- Fan art
- Light anthro (please check in on this!)
- Gore (again, please check in!)
- Size kink
- Vore: anal/cock/pussy
- Leather
- Fat bodies, trans bodies, disabled bodies, all bodies!
- Monsters (NOT including monsters that are basically just animals, like pokemon)
- Aliens
- Tentacles
- Blasphemy (christian/catholic only, i don't have the right to disrespect other religions lol)
- Probably other things, ask!


- Complicated weaponry
- Mecha
- Anything hateful, racist, transphobic/homophobic, or discriminatory.
- More animalistic fursonas/furries
- NSFW for/of minors
- NSFW for cishets
- NFTs
- Beastiality
- Incest
- NSFW of characters who are/appear to be children or teens
- Oral vore (mouthplay is fine)
- Snuff
- Mutilation (light knifeplay/biting with a lil blood is fine)
- Farts/piss/scat/vomit
- fetishization of a race, fat people, trans people,  disabled people, etc
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What kind of art do you want? *
Please describe what you want in as much detail as possible. Include any accessories, background, props, and if there is stuff like tentacles, tinies, internals, monsters, abnormal anatomy (like alien dicks), etc. *
Is there a deadline? (skip if no)
Can you use venmo or cashapp? (paypal gives away my deadname, but I can use it if necessary, ko-fi is another option for paypal users)
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