Deputy Sector Navigator Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Deputy Sector Navigator with California Community Colleges’ Doing What
MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy. Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate a broad and deep understanding
of the industry sector, clearly articulate how their experience applies to success in workforce development and show
examples of an acute ability to get results.

For a description of the roles and responsibilities of a Deputy Sector Navigator, visit

For more information on the Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy framework, please go to

Instructions for submission:
» Please complete and return this form by August 15, 2018.
» If submitting by email, send to
» If submitting by mail, send to Lynn Shaw, California Community Colleges, 1102 Q Street, Sacramento, CA
Please note that any files submitted will be shared outside of the organization to which they belong. If you have any
questions or concerns, please email:
1. Name
2. Email address
3. Phone Number
4. If you have a website related to the work of your sector, please list the website address here.
5. Select your industry sector.
6. Select your region. (Note that you must reside in the region in which you will work.) If you are not sure what region you are in go to:
7. Are you currently working as a Deputy Sector Navigator?
8. Yes, I am currently a Deputy Sector Navigator and my college or district
9. Who is your supervisor of record? Provide name, email, and phone
10. If you are not currently a Deputy Sector Navigator, do you have a specific college or college district that you would like to be your host? If you do not have a host college and are selected, the Chancellor’s Office will assist in locating a host college. (Note that not having a host college is inconsequential in the selection process.)
10a. My preferred host college or college district is
11. Portfolio
Please include with this page four addition documents in a single PDF:
1. Resume, a one-page summary of your experience and education

2. Statement of Qualifications, a two-page summary of your work in industry or as a
current Deputy Sector Navigator demonstrating connections between business/
industry and educational systems.

3. Cover Letter, a one-page overview to describe additional information not already
covered in resume and Statement of Qualifications

4. Portfolio, up to five pages of materials and documentation that illustrate the points
made in your application. Examples include commendations, letters detailing
accomplishments, excerpts from published articles, marketing materials, memos
highlighting successful initiatives, websites that illustrate success of your prior work,
and more.

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